Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Combating Hair Loss for Men & Women with Low Powered Lasers

There has recently been a lot of interest in low powered laser devices and their effectiveness on treating hair loss. Research suggests that it has a mild stimulatory effect on hair follicles. Laser could be an effective secondary (i.e additional) treatment for hair loss in patients who have mild balding or thinning. It also may be effective in seasonal increased hair shedding (i.e a moult).

However, the way the laser is delivered and the amount of laser exposure is critical to the chance of success. A new device called the Lasercap (http://www.lasercap.us) applies 224 laser lights continuously to the scalp area in the comfort of your own home. It uses rechargeable batteries, can be worn under a hat or cap and can be used at your convenience. Suggested dosage schedules are 15-30 minutes every second day.

The major advantage of the Lasercap device, compared to other hand held devices, is that the correct energy level is continuously applied to the scalp area. Other hand held laser devices only apply energy for a very short period of time if they are used to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you would like to know more about this additional treatment for mild hair loss, please contact our Sydney Hair Loss Clinic Ph:1800 685 399.  The Lasercap can also be ordered directly from The Knudsen Clinics.


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